Shooting Parties

A day’s shooting at Downton is a day to remember, the shooting is challenging even for the most experienced gun.

The central feature of the Shoot is the classical Downton Gorge, where guns stand on the banks of the rushing River Teme beneath woods that are perched upon sheer 30m high cliffs, over which the pheasants fly.

A feature of the Downton Shoot is the consistently high quality throughout the day’s shooting.

The high, fast birds present a challenge even for the most experienced guns. It is this challenge, set in spectacular countryside that keeps many parties returning year after year.

From being greeted at the Shooting Lodge at the beginning of the day, to ensuring that all guns are in the shooting on every drive, to the presentation of oven ready birds at the end of the day, the quality remains the same, with immaculate attention to detail.

The day’s shooting is complemented by the high standard of the lunch and the comfort of the Shooting Lodge, with its huge open fire and attractive surroundings.

Many have commented on the friendliness of the staff and how welcome they were made to feel during their stay.