The Lodge

Parts of Old Downton are so ancient that history merges with legend: its renovation so sympathetic and creative that you may confuse fact with fiction.

A mixture of buildings – medieval, half timbered and Georgian surround a herb and flower bedecked courtyard that looks out towards the Hereford hills.

This is pure escapism – a chance to immerse yourself in history and enjoy an experience that will live long in the memory.

The Sitting Room

The sitting room is redolent of its previous incarnation – there is no hiding the fact that this was once an impressive milking barn.

Mighty timbers that once fronted stalls now provide seating from which to watch the roaring log burner, socialise and enjoy a drink from the bar – or in summer to contemplate the spectacular sunsets over the Herefordshire hills.

The Museum

The museum is the most mysterious room of all – for a start no one knows the origins of its name.

Its huge cider mill can still trundle powerfully around its stone trough and provides a dramatic focal point to a room which is ideal for small weddings, birthday parties, conferences and receptions.

The Grounds

The map shows Old Downton Lodge is just 6 miles from Ludlow – yet those six miles seem to transport you through time to a bygone age.

As the lanes narrow, even the most jaundiced traveller will be mesmerised by the abundance of wild life and the feeling that you have rediscovered the lost England of Housman and Shakespeare.

Although modern roads will lead you to its doorstep, Old Downton Lodge is well off the beaten track – and far away from light pollution: This is the place to see velvety night skies sprinkled with a myriad of stars.

Walk through its cartway and enter Old Downton’s secret world. Even the grounds seem timeless – there’s the remains of an ancient Motte and the cottage garden just invites you to take a seat, relax and enjoy a glass of wine.

Guest book

“Great food and wine and another very comfortable room. The autumnal garden is looking lovely. Thank you so much to Willem, Pippa and all the staff for ensuring we felt completely safe in the midst of the Covid pandemic.”

DR SUSAN BURGE, 21/09/2020

“Thank you to Willem and all the staff for making our stay so wonderful despite the relentless downpours. We loved the accomodation, the gardens, the relaxed feeling and the wonderful food. Thank you again.”

BARBARA LEESE, 16/06/2019

“It was a great experience.”

OLIVIA, 11/05/2014

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